Obsessing over the smallest of imperfections...


Cancelling plans that involved facing other people and/or some sort of delicious food...
Never going shopping because dressing rooms were an earthly equivalent to hell—
these were all prominent aspects of my daily life.

It was impossible for me to have healthy relationships,
a peaceful mind, or the life I wanted.

I was constantly obsessing over my appearance, looking up ways to “fix” my quiet and reserved nature, and basically trying to become an entirely different person altogether.  

With the right support and guidance, my body, mind, and spirit began working together—I realized there didn’t need to be any battles.  

I didn’t need to spend any energy counting macronutrient ratios, and it was okay for me to prefer staying in to going out.  It was okay for me to have passions and interests that weren’t necessarily “typical”.  I learned how to be genuinely happy with who I am, what I look like, how I maneuver this world.  


I want this for you, too.

And you can have it.

It’s in your blood. It’s the way things are supposed to be.